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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Dec 28 : Consultancy Services for Market Study of Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen   Details
Dec 28 : Support Service for Maintenance of Compressors in all units of refinery   Details
Dec 28 : Installation of Pipeline across Soan River Crossing by HDD Technique using Intersect Method for Pajpl-Una Branch Pipeline and associated works   Details
Dec 28 : Carrying out T4S audit of PRRPL as per PNGRB regulations   Details
Dec 28 : Inspection, repair and balancing of Drive Turbine Rotor of Hot Oil Pump of LAB plant in refinery   Details
Dec 28 : Supply of Chemical Neutralization Agent for Panipat Refinery and Petrochemical Complex   Details
Dec 27 : Hiring of TPI services for inspection and CP survey of offshore pipelines and subsea structures   Details
Dec 27 : Procurement of One Level Control Valves for Dahej Plant   Details
Dec 27 : Procurement of Chemicals for Rajasthan Kutch-Onland Exploratory Asset   Details
Dec 27 : Procurement of Gas Line Corrosion Inhibitor (GCI) for B&S Assets   Details
Dec 27 : Hiring Contract for carrying out Public Awareness Program at nearby ROU villages of Pipeline under Vijaipur, Kota, Bhilwara and Chhittorgarh   Details
Dec 27 : Procurement of various types of Valves for LPG, C2C3 Recovery and HVJ Plant   Details
Dec 27 : Hiring of Technical Consultant for G&G and other studies for OALP Bid Round 2017   Details
Dec 27 : Procurement of Line Pipes for LPG Import Terminal Facilities Project at Haldia   Details
Dec 27 : Supply of Level Transmitters for Rochester Gauges at Bottling Plant   Details
Dec 27 : Inspection and Refurbishment of Hot Oil Turbine Rotor at OEM works and spares required for refinery   Details
Dec 27 : Obtaining NOC for installation and commissioning of Mounded Storage Vessels and Underground HSD tank   Details
Dec 27 : Support Service for upkeepment of Instruments in various process units and Instrument workshops at refinery   Details
Dec 27 : Carrying out Comprehensive Risk Analysis study of refinery   Details
Dec 26 : Hiring of 20 KVA DG Set on firm basis at GSPC Warehouse, Kerala GIDC for onshore blocks   Details
Dec 26 : Carrying out Turnaround Jobs in Process Units in CCU RRS and CO Boiler Systems at refinery   Details
Dec 26 : Carrying out Chemical Cleaning in CCU turnaround during April 2018   Details
Dec 26 : Invitation of bids for LSTK Package for NHT, PENEX and balance of units for Ms Block Project at refinery   Details
Dec 26 : Floating of EOI for setting-up of 65 KV, Micro Turbine at Linch GGS   Details
Dec 26 : Installation and Commissioning of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors   Details
Dec 26 : Carrying out Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging of Pipings and Static Equipments at refinery   Details
Dec 26 : Carrying out Scaffolding jobs for MI shutdown 2018 of various Process Units and Offsite Area and other Miscellaneous Works at refinery   Details
Dec 26 : Removal and Refixing of Insulation in various insulated tanks for Tank M and I jobs at refinery   Details
Dec 26 : Carrying out Onshore Pipeline Survey for Ratnagiri Refinery and Petrochemical Project   Details
Dec 26 : Reconditioning of Piston rod of Make Up Gas Compressor and Off Gas Compressor installed at new unit area of refinery   Details

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