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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Feb 01 : Carrying out Inspection of bare pipelines   Details
Feb 01 : Supply of Ultrasonic Level Transmitters   Details
Feb 01 : Procurement of spares of mechanical seal of Flowserve installed in mainline pump   Details
Feb 01 : Supply of DBBV’S and ROSOV’S as per technical specification Marketing Terminal Project   Details
Feb 01 : Hiring of Consultancy services for Carrying out EIA Studies and obtaining EC from MoEFCC and NOC & CCA from GPCB on call-out basis   Details
Feb 01 : Hiring of Specilized Agency for Minor/ Major Overhauling of Drive Steam Turbine of different Compressor Installed in Up-stream units   Details
Feb 01 : Carrying out Annual Risk Assessment of Pipelines & Installations and other pipeline related jobs   Details
Jan 31 : Gas Sale from Kanjirangudi & Palk Bay Shallow Fields   Details
Jan 31 : Fabrication, Testing & Supply of Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle for Stabilizer OVHD Trim Condensor Tube Bundle Assembly   Details
Jan 31 : Carrying out Civil works at Drill Site TPAD in North Bank area   Details
Jan 31 : Lining up an agency for hydrotesting and IBR Liasioning during repair maintenance and schedule testing of boilers, HRSG IBR Vessels and other IBR equipments   Details
Jan 31 : Supply of SS Pipes under Third Party Inspection with MTC   Details
Jan 31 : Removal of shorted casing pipe and carrying out other associated works   Details
Jan 31 : Blinding, de-blinding and flushing of piping or equipment for making plant hydrocarbon free and other allied jobs during DHDT Shutdown for BS-IV project   Details
Jan 31 : Providing Techno-commercial Consultancy Services for LNG Shipping   Details
Jan 31 : Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Diluant Injection String System   Details
Jan 30 : Annual Rate Contract for Calibration of Protection Relays installed at Drilling Rigs/Installations for three years   Details
Jan 30 : Composite Mechanical Piping and associated Civil Works for Additional Crude Tanks   Details
Jan 30 : Annual Maintenance Contract of Rotork Make Actuators for a period of two years   Details
Jan 30 : Supply of Desulphurizer Catalyst at refinery   Details
Jan 30 : Procurement of Heat exchanger tubes for refinery   Details
Jan 30 : Rate Contract for supply of Corrosion Inhibitor for Refinery Units   Details
Jan 30 : Three year Annual Rate Contract for Oil sample testing of transformers of Surface Installations   Details
Jan 30 : Hiring of Services for 2D Seismic Data Processing & Interpretation of 2D Seismic Data   Details
Jan 30 : Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Assistance for DHT project   Details
Jan 30 : Rate contract for Hydroblast cleaning job inside refinery   Details
Jan 27 : IRC for Cathodic Protection maintenance jobs in pipelines under Kailaras region   Details
Jan 27 : Handling and loading of Liquid Hydrocarbon, Vijaipur   Details
Jan 27 : Restoration works of Mainline washout under WRPL, Chittorgarh Mainline jurisdiction   Details
Jan 27 : Expression of Interest for oil recovery from oily sludge on turnkey basis   Details

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