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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3944
Feb 08 : Integrity Assessment Survey of Non-Piggable Pipelines   Details
Feb 08 : Procurement of Bare /Coating/Coated Line Pipes for Pipeline Project   Details
Feb 08 : Dry ice blasting of HRSG tube modules at P&U at refinery   Details
Feb 07 : Piping & Modification jobs for Installation of New Gas Compressor Packages   Details
Feb 07 : Hiring the services for collection of crude oil from effluent pits, cellars, sumps etc. of wells, OCS, EPS, QPS, WHS & other installations   Details
Feb 07 : Refurbishment of coat and wrap of GSPL Mainline pipe by application of Cold Applied Tape   Details
Feb 07 : Procurement of Level Transmitters   Details
Feb 07 : Dig Site Verification for Direct Assessment of Jetty Pipelines   Details
Feb 07 : Carrying out stress analysis on critical lines on requirement basis   Details
Feb 07 : ARC for restrengthening of corroded weak pipes in hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon lines inside unit and offsite area at refinery   Details
Feb 07 : Piping job for modification in the existing manual MVWS and Foam piping system into automatic system for Product Tanks in refinery   Details
Feb 06 : Supply Installation & Commissioning of Instrumentation Test & Calibration Bench   Details
Feb 06 : Invitation to bid for Terminal Automation System at Desur and Kondapalli   Details
Feb 06 : Supply of Pressure Transmitters to Paradip Refinery   Details
Feb 06 : Supply of Ammonium Polysulphide at Refinery   Details
Feb 06 : Repair and Maintenance of Refractory works during shutdown in RFCCU unit of refinery   Details
Feb 06 : Procurement of Mechanical Seal Spares in fuel sector as per technical specification at refinery   Details
Feb 06 : Supply & Installation of Hydraulic Dock Leveler at Lube Blending Plant   Details
Feb 06 : Hiring of Land Drilling Rig of 900-1000 HP Capacity on Call Out Basis   Details
Feb 06 : Statutory testing of underground LPG bullets with connected pipelines   Details
Feb 06 : Environmental impact assessment (EIA) study and risk assessment (RA) study for upcoming project   Details
Feb 06 : Supply of Diaphragm for Breech Lock Exchangers   Details
Feb 03 : Carrying out Mechanical Piping and Associated Civil Work for Ethanol Facility   Details
Feb 03 : Procurement of Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressor Package (Process Gas)   Details
Feb 03 : Hiring of Project Monitoring Consulting Agency for Project Control Services for Jagdishpur-Haldia-Bokaro-Dhamra Pipeline Project   Details
Feb 03 : Service Contract for CP Interference Survey Of Dabhol Bangalore Gas Pipeline Network including Spur Lines   Details
Feb 03 : Carrying out IPS Anomaly Rectification Jobs In SPM Lines (Onshore Section)   Details
Feb 03 : Carrying out Periodic Testing of LPG underground Storage Tanks   Details
Feb 03 : Supply of Ph analyzers at Refinery   Details
Feb 03 : Spares of Control Valve spares at refinery   Details

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