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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Feb 14 : Supply of Liquid Nitrogen at refinery   Details
Feb 14 : Procurement of Portable Octane Analyser   Details
Feb 14 : Hiring Bundle Service for drilling, taking conventional cores and wireline logging for two wells for Exploration & Exploitation of Shale Gas/Oil prospectivity   Details
Feb 13 : Hiring the services of Environmental Quality Monitoring for a period of three years   Details
Feb 13 : Hiring the services for Maintenance of OFC at OIL ROW to Numaligarh Terminal   Details
Feb 13 : Execution of various miscellaneous Civil Engineering works during rig up, drilling operation and rig down activities   Details
Feb 13 : Supply Installation and Commissioning of Mass Flow Meter in refinery   Details
Feb 13 : Supply of Heat Exchangers   Details
Feb 13 : Supply of Caustic Soda Lye   Details
Feb 13 : Services for Rotor Refurbishment & Dynamic balancing of DHDT RGC   Details
Feb 13 : Procurement of Nitrogen Gas   Details
Feb 13 : Annual Maintenance Contract for Gas Chromatographs   Details
Feb 13 : Carrying out Pressure Testing of underground pipelines   Details
Feb 13 : Carrying out Electrical work related to installation of new Gas Detector   Details
Feb 10 : Annual Rate Contract for Supply of Mechanical Seal Spares for refinery   Details
Feb 10 : Providing Services for Operation and Maintenance for a period of one year   Details
Feb 10 : HDD and Associated Works for River Son for Jagdishpur-Haldia-Bokaro-Dhamra Pipeline Project   Details
Feb 10 : Carrying out yearly maintenance and cleaning of Mainline and its hanger units   Details
Feb 10 : Hiring the services of maintaining OIL's OFC Network spread across operational areas   Details
Feb 10 : Supply of Helium Gas at refinery   Details
Feb 10 : Procurement of Heat Exchangers for BS-VI Project   Details
Feb 10 : Insulation works related to emergency shutdown and other miscellaneous activities in new units area of refinery   Details
Feb 10 : Rate Contract for servicing Of Heat Exchangers At GT, DHDS, FCCU and MSQ Areas of Refinery   Details
Feb 10 : Supply of spares for actuators on DBBVs in order to integrate with Terminal Automation   Details
Feb 09 : Procurement of Heat Exchangers   Details
Feb 09 : Procurement of Industrial Gases   Details
Feb 09 : Procurement of Gas Chromatograph for PQCL at C2C3 Plant   Details
Feb 09 : Burial and Recovery of Crude Oil/ Gas Pipelines in Oil's Operational Areas   Details
Feb 09 : Repair & Replacement of Oil Storage Tank Internal & Externals by Hot Works at OM&S area   Details
Feb 09 : Insitu Retubing of Fixed Tube Sheet Exchangers in refinery   Details

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