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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Mar 20 : Supply of Standard Gas Mixture and Helium Gas   Details
Mar 20 : Preparation of Detailed Feasibility Report for setting up 2G Ethanol Bio-refineries   Details
Mar 20 : Supply of Know How Basic Design Engineering Package and other related services for conducting RA And EIA studies for Indjet Unit at refinery   Details
Mar 20 : Supply of Galvanized Pipes at refinery   Details
Mar 20 : NDT inspection, Hydro testing and Certification of Mounded Bullets and Hydrogen Bullet and Safety valve as per SMPV Rules at refinery   Details
Mar 20 : Pipeline Route Survey for the project jumper pipeline between IOCL, KDPL and OPAL pipeline   Details
Mar 20 : Carrying out Online Pipe Rehabilitation and Pipe leak arresting for 54" Flare line   Details
Mar 20 : Hiring of Services for Transportation of Drilling Rig   Details
Mar 20 : Supply, Installation, Testing and Demonstration of Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer   Details
Mar 20 : Purchase of Online Gas Chromatograph for C2 metering   Details
Mar 20 : Procurement of Slotted Gas Outlet Pipe of Cracker   Details
Mar 17 : Charter Hiring of Services of NG Compressor for Compression of Natural Gas   Details
Mar 17 : Process consultant for preparing engineering design package for conversion of HGU1 feed and fuel from Vaporized Naphtha to Natural Gas at refinery   Details
Mar 17 : Annual Rate Contract for Operation and Maintenance of Chidambaranar Oil Jetty   Details
Mar 17 : Rate contract for the period of 2 years for hiring of support services for O&M of MDPE pipeline & PNG connection   Details
Mar 17 : Laying of Underground PE Pipelines at Kakinadand above Ground GI Installations including Last Mile Connectivity at consumer end   Details
Mar 17 : Appointment of Direct Marketing Agency (DMA) for carrying out PNG activities & services on rate contract basis for the period of 2 years   Details
Mar 17 : Packed LPG Transportation to LPG Plant   Details
Mar 17 : Providing services for supervision of unloading of Auto LPG at Retail outlets having ALDS facility   Details
Mar 17 : Procurement of Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate   Details
Mar 17 : Dig site verification and rectification of anomalies in SMPL-DBL pipeline   Details
Mar 16 : Supply of Calibration Gas Mixture   Details
Mar 16 : Procurement of Rotary Substitutes for Mehsana Asset   Details
Mar 16 : Procurement of Oil Field Chains   Details
Mar 16 : Replacement of corroded section of hydrant pipeline   Details
Mar 16 : EOI for Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning (EPCC) and Finance of Cross Country Pipeline Project   Details
Mar 16 : Modification of Pipe Support to prevent corrosion   Details
Mar 16 : Procurement of 2106 KG additive Antioxidant PEPQ for LLDPE/ HDPE Unit   Details
Mar 16 : Providing Civil Works and Post Rig Building Works at "MDDD" Drill Site   Details
Mar 16 : Carrying out Electrical Heat Tracing for Pipelines in WHFU and SDU in refinery   Details

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