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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3944
Apr 13 : Annual Rate Contract for Mechanical, Piping and allied Works for the execution of various process schemes related to modification refinery   Details
Apr 13 : Rate Contract for Laying and Maintenance of Underground Oil and Gas Pipelines in Ankleshwar Asset and Cambay Asset   Details
Apr 13 : Expression of Interest for Integrated Exploration, Appraisal and Field Development Planning Services in RJ-ON-90/1 Block   Details
Apr 12 : Supply of CNG Storage Cascades Annual Rate Contract for a period of 2 years   Details
Apr 12 : Annual Maintenance contract for Hiring of services in Agra Region for GAIL Gas   Details
Apr 12 : Empanelment of Contractors for laying of MDPE Pipeline and installation of above ground GI Pipes and associated works at consumer end   Details
Apr 12 : Charter Hire of Offshore Jack Up Rigs under four different categories   Details
Apr 12 : Corrigendum: Appointment of third Party inspection Agency for Green Gas Limited at Lucknow & Agra   Details
Apr 12 : Rate Contract for Fabrication and Internal Piping Work for Installation of Industrial and Commercial Connections   Details
Apr 12 : Replacement of product pipeline of Haldia-Barauni section   Details
Apr 12 : Supply of Recycle Gas Compressor Spares at refinery   Details
Apr 12 : Design, Engineering, Testing and Installation of Complete Mechanical seal and seal support system in refinery   Details
Apr 11 : Procurement of 5568 kg additive CAS LLDPE/ HDPE Unit   Details
Apr 11 : R&D Pilot Plant for Lignocellulosic Bioethanol   Details
Apr 11 : Appointment of Consultant for Share Valuation of Green Gas Limited   Details
Apr 11 : Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract Services for Delta make Compressor Packages of BGL at Hyderabad & Vijayawada   Details
Apr 11 : Supply of Coating Material for Pipeline Rehabilitation Project   Details
Apr 11 : Supply & Commissioning of Heavy Duty Oil Country Gap Bed Pipe Lath   Details
Apr 11 : Global Expression of Interest for Procurement of Equipment/ Packages for Rajasthan Block   Details
Apr 11 : Global Expression of Interest/ Pre-qualification for Provision of Mechanical/Electric/ Hydraulic Highly Mobile Land Drilling Units   Details
Apr 11 : Supply of Dual Module Magnetic Cleaning PIG for GSPL   Details
Apr 11 : Deputing Expert for Onsite services for Dry Gas Seals for Recycle Gas Compressors at refinery   Details
Apr 10 : Hiring of Skid Mounted Gas Compression facilities for Mehsana Asset   Details
Apr 10 : Expression of Interest for augmenting Cryogenic Pumps availability in Dahej Plant   Details
Apr 10 : Expression of Interest for sale of Naphtha from refinery in Rajahmundry Asset   Details
Apr 10 : Supply of Pressure and Temperature Transmitters   Details
Apr 10 : Bi-Annual Maintenance Contract for Calibration, Maintenance and Functional Checking of Gas Detectors installed in refinery   Details
Apr 10 : Carrying out Guided Wave Long Range Ultrasonic Testing of station piping at SRPL stations   Details
Apr 10 : Carrying out Health assessment of catalyst tubes of reformer unit of refinery   Details
Apr 10 : Supply of Temperature Transmitters at refinery   Details

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