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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
May 17 : Hiring of Services for Installation/ Relocation /Modification of Surface Facilities Like Separators, Wellhead Manifolds, Gas Evacuation Pipelines and associated Equipment for Gas Production Augmentation   Details
May 17 : Procurement of Portable O2 analyzer with provision of CO and CO2 Gas measurement in Flue Gas along with accessories in refinery   Details
May 17 : Supply of Natural Gas/ RLNG for Non-Urea Activity   Details
May 16 : Consultancy Services for Plant Cost Estimation of IGHDS and ISOM Project at two refineries   Details
May 16 : Corrigendum: Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Gas Chromatograph System   Details
May 16 : Laying & Construction of Pipeline & associated works for Kochi to Mangalore Pipeline Project   Details
May 16 : Supply and Installation of Pig Handling System for Pipeline Launcher and Receiver   Details
May 16 : Procurement of Pipeline Locator for Tripura Regional Pipeline System and Lakwa Terminal   Details
May 16 : Sale of Emulsified Crude produced from Sanand East Field of Ahmedabad Block   Details
May 16 : Basic Engineering Design Package and other related services for Residue Upgradation Facility for Visakh Refinery Modernization Project   Details
May 16 : Carrying out Surge Analysis Study of product pipelines at Kakinada Terminal   Details
May 15 : Hiring the services of Design, Detail Engineering and Installation of OD Pipeline and 'OFC' by HDD and Hookup with existing Crude-oil Pipeline   Details
May 15 : Annual Rate Contract for Expert Supervisory Services for Dresser Rand Make Reciprocating Gas Compressors installed at refinery   Details
May 15 : Refurbishing and testing of dry Gas Seal of Recycle Gas Compressor in refinery   Details
May 15 : Recalibration and certification of Standard Pressure Gauges at refinery   Details
May 15 : Supply of spares for Gas Turbine as per technical specifications   Details
May 15 : Hiring of Mobile Air Compressor for CB-ONN-2000/1, CB-ON/2, CB-ONN-2002/3 & CB-ONN-2003/2 Blocks   Details
May 15 : Annual Rate Contract for procurement of Commercial Natural Gas Meters for City Gas Distribution Project   Details
May 15 : Expression of Interest under National Competitive Bidding for Operations and Maintenance Support Services at Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat   Details
May 12 : Corrigendum: Empanelment of Contractors for laying of MDPE Pipeline and installation of above ground GI Pipes and associated works at consumer end   Details
May 12 : Procurement of SCADA System for City Gas Distribution Project at Bengaluru   Details
May 12 : Civil works for restoration of abandoned Drill Site AZ-AA   Details
May 12 : Installation of magnetic markers in Koyali Ratlam Pipeline mainline for Intelligent Pig Survey   Details
May 12 : Supply of Self Regulating Type Control Valves for VGO-HDT Unit for refinery   Details
May 12 : Supply of Level Gauges (Magnetic Type) for VGO-HDT Unit for refinery   Details
May 12 : Supply of Displacer Level Transmitters for VGO Unit for refinery   Details
May 12 : Supply of PIG Launcher and Receiver for Gas Company   Details
May 11 : Procurement of Mass Flow Meter for all india locations   Details
May 11 : Supply of Multifunctional Additive to Kochi Refinery for a period of two years   Details
May 11 : Supply of Diesel Lubricity Additive to different refineries   Details

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