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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
May 26 : Supply of Rotary Valve Spares for refinery   Details
May 26 : Supply and Installation of Ultrasonic Flow Meter at refinery   Details
May 26 : Nitrogen Purging of Koyali -Viramgam Section and Bareja-Navagam Pipeline Section of Existing Koyali-Sanganer Pipeline for Product Evacuation   Details
May 26 : Expression Of Interest for provision of Crude Oil Tanks Cleaning & Sludge disposal; On-site Treatment of Waste Oil/ Used Oil/ Oily Sludge; Collection, Transportation & Disposal of Sludge   Details
May 26 : Supply of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel   Details
May 25 : Third Party Inspection and Certification Agency for Integrated SURF-SPS of KG-DWN 98/2 Project   Details
May 25 : Supply, Installation and Testing of Metering Skids for CNG Expansion Project   Details
May 25 : Supply of suction volume bottle for natural Gas Compressor for Gas Company   Details
May 25 : Procurement of Gas Chromatograph for Dahej Plant   Details
May 25 : Construction of "MDAM" drill site in Rajahmundry   Details
May 25 : Gas Sale from Nandasan Field of Mehsana Asset   Details
May 25 : Mechanical hot and cold jobs comprising Maintenance of Column, Heat Exchanger, Reactor and miscellaneous jobs at refinery   Details
May 25 : In-Situ Metallography of Critical Equipment and Piping at refinery for Health Assessment   Details
May 25 : Supply of DI Additive Package to IOCL Plants   Details
May 25 : Annual Maintenance Contract of Interlock Shutdown System (ILSD) and Gas Monitoring System (GMS) in refinery   Details
May 24 : Global Expression of Interest for Lumpsum Turnkey Contract/ Engineering Procurement and Construction Services for Development of various facilities in the Rajasthan Block   Details
May 24 : Rate Contract for Repair And Fabrication Job in Cauvery Asset   Details
May 24 : Decontamination of Process Equipments in CCR Complex at refinery   Details
May 24 : Civil works at drill site GKJB & GKJC in Geleky area   Details
May 24 : Procurement of HDPE Lining   Details
May 24 : Supply of Magnetic Level Gauges for BS-IV Project   Details
May 24 : Supply of Temperature Gauges with Thermowells for DHDS Unit for BS-IV Project at refinery   Details
May 23 : Construction of various Drilling Locations   Details
May 23 : Hiring of Consultancy Services to advice and guide OIL, Gabon Project against issues relating to Tax, Customs, CNSS, Human resource etc. on call out basis   Details
May 23 : Thickness survey jobs during shutdown of various process units, power plants, offsite piping and tanks at refinery   Details
May 23 : Empanelment of Contractors for providing job wise services for In-house fabrication of Cryogenic Vessels, Refinery Pressure Vessels and other General Fabrication activities   Details
May 23 : Supply of GT Spares for Gas Turbine as per technical specifications   Details
May 23 : Procurement of Stationary CNG Storage Cascades for CNG DBS and Online Stations in Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Kakinada   Details
May 23 : Frame Contract for Pipes of VGO-HDT Unit in refinery   Details
May 23 : Installation of MDPE gas pipeline network for transportation of Natural Gas   Details

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