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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Jun 01 : Supply & Implementation of Interactive Voice Response for Green Gas Limited at Lucknow & Agra   Details
May 31 : Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Gas Detection Systems in Jorhat Asset   Details
May 31 : Procurement of EOT Crane for Drilling Services   Details
May 31 : Procurement of full Opening Safety Valve and Kelly Cock for Ankleshwar Asset   Details
May 31 : Supply of Industrial Gases   Details
May 31 : Corrigendum: Procurement of 5000 SCMH Compact District Regulating Station/Skid (DRS) suitable for underground installation to supply NG to Domestic Customers   Details
May 31 : Supply of Pipes for Piggable line in refinery   Details
May 31 : Civil works at drill site "DGDH" in Demualgaon area   Details
May 31 : Expression Of Interest for provision of Crude Oil Tanks at Rajasthan, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh   Details
May 31 : Excavation for Health Assessment of Underground Pipelines at FOB and LOB units at refinery   Details
May 31 : Supply of welded mild steel bare line pipes of various diameters   Details
May 30 : Conducting one time of Risk Assessment of Tripura Pipeline System and proposed new Pipeline   Details
May 30 : Pre-Monsoon and Area Up-keeping for DHT Project   Details
May 30 : Rate Contract for cleaning-pigging of Subsea Crude Oil Pipeline   Details
May 30 : Hiring of services for EIA, EMP, QRA and DMP of Last Mile Connectivity for small customer Pipeline Projects   Details
May 30 : Hiring of O&M Services for City Gas Distribution Network at Sonepat, Meerut, Dewas and other areas   Details
May 30 : Laying/ Construction of 3LPE Coated Pipeline in Oil's operational areas in the state of Assam   Details
May 30 : Hiring of Services for Laying/ Construction of Crude Oil Delivery (COD) Pipeline   Details
May 30 : Supplying and Installation of Differential Pressure Valves in LPG Line   Details
May 30 : Road Transportation of Bulk Petroleum Products   Details
May 29 : Laying Underground MDPE Pipelines and above Ground GI Piping for providing PNG Domestic Connections in Hyderabad for supplying of Natural Gas   Details
May 29 : Supply of Trichloro-Ethylene   Details
May 29 : Supply of Di-Ammonium Phosphate in refinery   Details
May 29 : Supply of Portable Multi Gas Detector in refinery   Details
May 29 : Periodic Testing of LPG underground Storage Tanks   Details
May 29 : Supply of Urea at refinery   Details
May 29 : Procurement of high Density PU Foam PIGS at Paradip-Haldia-Barauni Pipeline   Details
May 29 : Construction of drill site "CTAC" in Rajasthan   Details
May 29 : Invitation of bids for Coal Gasification Plant for generating Ammonia Syn. Gas and Carbon Dioxide Gas   Details
May 26 : Services for maintenance of OFC at OIL ROW under PS2, Moran   Details

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