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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Jun 06 : Optical fiber based Pipeline Intrusion Detection System for monitoring third party intrusion in HPCL Pipelines   Details
Jun 06 : Annual Maintenance Contract of Gas Monitoring System   Details
Jun 06 : Extension of surge line from PT 02 to PT 04 at Paradip   Details
Jun 05 : Supply of Industrial Gases   Details
Jun 05 : Supply of Corrosion Inhibitor for Cross Country LPG Pipeline   Details
Jun 05 : Supply of MDPE Pipes for Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Kakinada for City Gas Distribution Projects   Details
Jun 05 : Carrying out MDPE laying GI/CU Installation and associated Works in Kanpur   Details
Jun 05 : Complete removal of Hydrocracker Unit Reactor Insulation   Details
Jun 05 : Supply of Fuel Additive for Naptha in Gas Turbine in refinery   Details
Jun 05 : Supply of SS Pipe under Third Party Inspection for LCNG and Praxair Vessels   Details
Jun 05 : Soil Investigation Survey in Dadri Panipat Pipeline at two locations in refinery   Details
Jun 05 : Upkeep of plant units WWTP 1/2/3 & WAO in oil movement and storage   Details
Jun 02 : Supply of Methanol on Annual Rate Contract   Details
Jun 02 : Providing NDT service of static equipments for refinery and other units in refinery   Details
Jun 02 : Carrying out Corrosion Inhibitor & Demulsifier Treatment Program   Details
Jun 02 : Supply of License, Basic Engineering Design Package and other Related Services for Residue Upgradation Facility for Visakh Refinery Modernization Project   Details
Jun 02 : Mobile Water Injection System with process plant for converting to low salinity water injection in South Heera field   Details
Jun 02 : Global Expression Of Interest for Procurement of Flushing Oil/ Light Crude Oil for Mangla Development Pipeline Operations   Details
Jun 02 : Procurement of LPG, Ammonia, HF and SO2 Gas Detectors with Sensors   Details
Jun 02 : Supply of Propane in tankers as per technical specifications   Details
Jun 02 : Carrying Reformer Pig Tail Insulation replacement in Hydrogen-II as per tender   Details
Jun 01 : Procurement of Coated Carbon Steel Pipes   Details
Jun 01 : Risk Assessment of DBPL Gas Pipeline   Details
Jun 01 : Hiring of Drilling Fluid Services   Details
Jun 01 : Laying and Construction of Steel Gas Pipeline along with associated works for Last Mile Connectivity   Details
Jun 01 : Carrying out replacement of Hydrogen Unit 2 Reformer Catalyst   Details
Jun 01 : Procurement of Dimethyl Disulphide   Details
Jun 01 : Supply of Galvanised Line Pipe   Details
Jun 01 : Supply of Emergency Shut Downvalve Spares at refinery   Details
Jun 01 : Supply of Zinc Oxide catalyst for Hydrogen Generation Unit   Details

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