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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Jun 09 : Expression of Interest for Premium Thread Connections for Casing and Tubing   Details
Jun 09 : Comprehensive AC interference study utilizing modeling and simulation techniques at VVSPL   Details
Jun 09 : Rate Contract Tender for Procurement of Stationary CNG Storage Cascades for CNG DBS and Online Stations   Details
Jun 09 : Engaging an agency to carry out Testing & Measurement Pertaining to CP Monitoring & Pipeline Coating of Cross Country Pipelines   Details
Jun 09 : Carrying out Piping Replacement jobs in plant during shutdown   Details
Jun 09 : Supply of Transmitters for refinery   Details
Jun 09 : Procurement of Hydraulic set seal bore thermal packer for steam injection   Details
Jun 08 : EOI from the Manufactures /Contractors/ Service Providers of Multiphase Pump to be installed for short term hiring to revive production in western offshore   Details
Jun 08 : Global Expression Of Interest under International Competitive Basis for Supply and Operation of Rental Units for Enhanced Oil Recovery Operations in Rajasthan Block   Details
Jun 08 : Supply of Bentonite Powder   Details
Jun 08 : Procurement of Pig Launching Barrel and Monolithic Insulating Joint   Details
Jun 08 : Carrying out AC Interference Survey in SRPL Pipeline locations   Details
Jun 08 : Procurement of pipes for installation of ROSOV at refinery   Details
Jun 08 : Laying of Petroleum Product Pipeline and other associated combined station work   Details
Jun 08 : Supply of Calibration Gas Cylinders for Gas Chromatograph at refinery   Details
Jun 08 : Overhauling/ Revisioning of valves in refinery during Aug-Sep 2017 Shutdown   Details
Jun 08 : Supply of Hydrocarbon, H2S and H2 Gas Detectors for VGO Unit for BS-IV Project   Details
Jun 07 : Hiring Third Party Inspection Agency (TPIA) for City Gas Projects   Details
Jun 07 : Laying/ Construction of 3LPE Coated Pipeline in OIL's operational areas of Assam   Details
Jun 07 : Hiring of Horizontal Drilling and Mud Engineering Services for Drilling Two Horizontal Wells on call out basis   Details
Jun 07 : Hiring of Services for Well Activation, Well Servicing, Completion of Fifteen Gas/ Oil Wells and Acidization of Five Gas/ Oil Wells in Rajasthan   Details
Jun 07 : Supply of Carbon Steel X-Mass Tree Assembly for Rajasthan Project   Details
Jun 07 : Carrying out Third Party Inspection Services for Barauni Refinery Vessels   Details
Jun 07 : Supply of Liquid Nitrogen in refinery   Details
Jun 07 : Supply of Natural Gas Analyser Package   Details
Jun 06 : Carrying out Topographic and Geotechnical Investigation for Vijaipur Auraiya Pipeline Project   Details
Jun 06 : Procurement of 1200MT Hydrochloric Acid for integrated offsite plant at BCPL Lepetkata   Details
Jun 06 : Inspection by Third Party Agency for Coal Gasification Plant at Talcher Odisha for Talcher Fertilizers Limited   Details
Jun 06 : Hiring of PNGRB Accredited TPIA for certification of IMS Documents for Sonepat, Meerut, Kota and Dewas   Details
Jun 06 : Procurement of Multi-Function Gas Detectors for O&M Bases for City Gas Distribution Project   Details

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