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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Jun 21 : Procurement of Multipoint Thermocouple for pre reformer of HGU in refinery   Details
Jun 21 : Procurement of Hydraulic set seal bore thermal packer for steam injection   Details
Jun 20 : Carrying out Piling Works for Ethanol and Bio-diesel Tanks at Ennore Coastal Installation   Details
Jun 20 : Supply of NHGU Reformer Heater Tubes for refinery   Details
Jun 20 : Hiring Consultancy Services for assessment of requirements for Geo-Data Interpretation Facilities   Details
Jun 20 : Civil works at drill site in Geleky area   Details
Jun 20 : Procurement of Pipeline Locator and Holiday Detector along with standard accessories   Details
Jun 20 : PE Pipe laying including Last Mile Connectivity at consumer end for City Gas Distribution Project   Details
Jun 20 : Procurement of Additive Antioxidant for LLDPE/ HDPE Unit   Details
Jun 19 : EOI to address challenges of Sub-Basalt imaging & reservoir characterization and Fracture mapping within Basalt, in Kutch Offshore area   Details
Jun 19 : Installation of Mass Flow Meters DBBV's pipeline modifications and allied works   Details
Jun 19 : Services of NDT by UTM of Crude Storage Tanks on callout basis   Details
Jun 19 : Hiring of Third party Inspection Agency for City Gas Projects   Details
Jun 19 : Carrying out Catalyst unloading, Internal inspection and Catalyst loading job in HCU2 during shutdown   Details
Jun 19 : Supply of Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes to Gas Company   Details
Jun 16 : Supply of Compressor Receprocating (SPP) for Gasoline Hydro-treatment Unit Project in refinery   Details
Jun 16 : Engagement of Technical Consultancy Company for preparing Field Development plan including required facilities for Block CB-ONN-2010/8 in Cambay Basin   Details
Jun 16 : Supply and Commissioning of Back Draft Dampers for HVJ Gas Turbine Compressor Packages installed in Compressor Stations   Details
Jun 16 : AMC for Calibration of Master Instruments at Chhainsa Compressor Station   Details
Jun 16 : Providing Marine Insurance Cover Policy for Crude Oil Imports and Offshore Indigenous Crude Oil movement   Details
Jun 16 : Supply of Pipes to Panipat Naptha Cracker   Details
Jun 16 : Carrying out Web GIS related works at HMRBPL Mourigram   Details
Jun 16 : Pipeline works for Biodiesel facility at Paradeep Terminal   Details
Jun 15 : Hiring of services for transportation of 3000 MT of Propylene   Details
Jun 15 : Empanelment of International Law Firms for Oil & Gas Business   Details
Jun 15 : Global Expression Of Interest for Hiring of Hydraulic Fracturing Service and Well Activation for Exploratory HPHT and Exploratory/ Appraisal Shallow Wells In NELP-VI Block: KG-ONN-2004/1 in East Godavari District   Details
Jun 15 : Procurement of Spares of HVAC System   Details
Jun 15 : Corrigendum: Procurement of SCADA System for City Gas Distribution Project at Bengaluru   Details
Jun 15 : Supply and Installation of LT Simulation Distillation Analyzer with spares and consumables   Details
Jun 15 : Overhauling of Heat Exchangers during shutdown   Details

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