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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Jun 26 : Carrying out Pipeline repair work during hydrostatic testing of HB loop line   Details
Jun 26 : Expert services for replacement of dry gas seals of refinery   Details
Jun 26 : Supply of Electronic Pressure/ DP Transmitter, Temperature Transmitters for DHDS Unit for BS-IV Project   Details
Jun 26 : Supply of Flow Meter for Skid Mounted Refuellers   Details
Jun 26 : Supply of Overwing Nozzles for Skid Mounted Refuellers   Details
Jun 23 : Supply of Process Chemicals for KG-OSN-2001/3 Block   Details
Jun 23 : Hiring of agency for providing various support services at Onshore Gas Terminal in East Godavari District   Details
Jun 23 : Laying of Underground MDPE Pipelines and above Ground GI Piping for providing PNG Domestic Connections in Hyderabad for supplying of Natural Gas   Details
Jun 23 : Corrigendum: Hiring of Third party Inspection Agency for City Gas Projects   Details
Jun 23 : Carrying out Remote Field Electromagnetic Testing of Tubes of Exchangers at refinery   Details
Jun 23 : Mechanical piping IBR and Non IBR both equipment erection and allied works at refinery   Details
Jun 23 : Cleaning of Oily Sludge from ETP Drying Beds in refinery   Details
Jun 23 : Third party Inspection of Bare Pipe and Coating of pipelines   Details
Jun 23 : Procurement of Compressor-Reciprocating (SPP) for BS VI Project   Details
Jun 22 : Hiring of Technical Consultant for implementation of City Gas Distribution Project   Details
Jun 22 : ARC for supply of Fabrication Group to carry out Pipeline and structural jobs in refinery   Details
Jun 22 : Annual Rate Contract for attending leaks in Underground GRP Pipeline   Details
Jun 22 : Partial Replacement of Crude Receipt Line   Details
Jun 22 : Supply of Pressure safety valves to refinery   Details
Jun 22 : Supply of Boiler Heat Recovery Steam Generator Spares at refinery   Details
Jun 22 : Supply of Piston Ring and Rider Ring of Reciprocating Compressor in Oil refinery   Details
Jun 22 : Supply of Gaseous Nitrogen thru Pipeline in refinery   Details
Jun 22 : Installation of VDU Column Bottom Pumps and VDU Pre-Condenser Modification Jobs along with related Mechanical, Piping and Civil jobs   Details
Jun 22 : Supply of Portable Ignitors for Oil refinery   Details
Jun 21 : Job contract for Operation and Maintenance of Boilers, DM Plant and Gas Turbines   Details
Jun 21 : Charter Hire of Offshore Jack Up Rigs under four different categories for firm period of three years   Details
Jun 21 : Gas Sale from Motwan Field of Ankleshwar Asset   Details
Jun 21 : Supply of Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Machine to refinery   Details
Jun 21 : Carrying out Mechanical jobs for shutdown at refinery   Details
Jun 21 : Process consultant for preparing Basic Engineering Design Package for OSBL Natural gas Network from Gas Terminal to FG system at refinery   Details

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