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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Jun 29 : Procurement of PE Pipes for CNG and City Gas Distribution Project   Details
Jun 29 : Procurement and Processing of Satellite and Imageries and GIS Survey for Sonepat, Meerut, Dewas and Taj Trapezium Zone   Details
Jun 29 : Hiring of Contract Services for Annual Rate Contract for Safety Valve Calibration/Testing for a contract period of two years   Details
Jun 29 : Consultancy for optimisation of GPU and integrated pipeline operation for maximisation of recoveries of various components of Natural Gas   Details
Jun 29 : Providing Protective coating for corrosion protection of Control valves   Details
Jun 29 : Providing Marine Insurance Cover Policy for Iranian Crude Oil Imports Movement   Details
Jun 29 : Transportation of Cryocans, CryoVessels and accessories   Details
Jun 29 : Design, Engineering, Fabrication/ Manufacturing and Supply of Breech Lock Exchangers   Details
Jun 28 : Rate Contract for Methyl Di Ethanol Amine (MDEA)   Details
Jun 28 : Hiring of agency for providing various support services at Onshore Gas Terminal in East Godavari District   Details
Jun 28 : Annual Rate Contract for attending leaks in underground GRP pipeline from Desalination Plant at Kattupalli to CPCL-Manali   Details
Jun 28 : Annual Rate Contract for maintenance of all Mainline facilities   Details
Jun 28 : Supply of Coke Conveyor System Spares   Details
Jun 28 : Supply of Insulating Joint for Gas Company   Details
Jun 28 : Supply of OD GI Pipe for Gas Company   Details
Jun 27 : Supply of Natural Gas/ RLNG for Non-Urea Activity   Details
Jun 27 : Supply of Dimethyl Disulphide DMDS   Details
Jun 27 : IRIS Inspection of Heat Exchanger Tubes of PTA Unit   Details
Jun 27 : Carrying out Market Study for Petrochemicals as per tender specification   Details
Jun 27 : Hot Insulation Jobs of Columns in CDU I Block and GOHDS Unit   Details
Jun 27 : Repair and Replacement of Crude Oil Storage Tank Internals and External by hot work jobs in OM & S   Details
Jun 27 : EOI for Production Enhancement Contract in Mature Oil and Gas fields   Details
Jun 27 : Biennial Rate contract for Lumpsum services for Corrosion treatment program in refinery   Details
Jun 27 : Providing Services for Corrosion Coupon Retrieval and Reinstallation Services and Supply of Standard Corrosion for PLQP   Details
Jun 27 : MDPE Laying Network for PNG Domestic Connection in Unnao for City Gas Project   Details
Jun 27 : Supply of Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe for Gas Company   Details
Jun 26 : Survey of Haldia Refinery and Pipeline Crude Oil tanks, and Crude Oil tankers on unloading at Haldia Oil Jetty   Details
Jun 26 : Procurement of Forgings for 26 Refinery Vessels Project   Details
Jun 26 : Global Expression of Interest for its Exploratory & Appraisal Well Drilling Campaign in the block- KG-ONN-2004/1   Details
Jun 26 : Carry out Pipeline RoW exposure Repair work for a period of 18 months   Details

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