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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Jul 12 : Rate Contract for Expert services for maintenance jobs of Centrifugal Compressors and Steam Turbines at refinery   Details
Jul 11 : Hiring of Job Services for GM Field Survey   Details
Jul 11 : Laying of 3LPE Coated Oil/Gas Pipeline   Details
Jul 11 : Carrying out dehumidification of Vacuum column of Crude Unit   Details
Jul 11 : Supply of Gas Detectors in refinery   Details
Jul 11 : Execution of Instrumentation jobs during shutdown at refinery   Details
Jul 11 : Carrying out miscellaneous Piping Works for GTU Project in refinery   Details
Jul 11 : Civil and structural works for the Re-routing of existing pipe lines at refinery   Details
Jul 10 : Hiring of O&M Contract for Landfill Gas Pilot Project   Details
Jul 10 : Integration of SAP with level gauges, temperature and pressures gauges installed on LPG storage vessels for online data transfer and dip posting at LPG Bottling Plant   Details
Jul 10 : Carrying out Automated Ultrasonic Thickness mapping under HMRBPL   Details
Jul 10 : Cleaning of Tubes in different modules by Dry Ice Blasting Technology at refinery   Details
Jul 10 : Supply of Methanol for industrial use   Details
Jul 10 : Qualification of vendors to set up Early Production System along with Operation and Maintenance   Details
Jul 10 : Carrying out servicing of control valves   Details
Jul 10 : Carrying out Fabrication/ Welding/ Erection of Piping and Structural jobs   Details
Jul 07 : Procurement of Low Temperature Silicon based Demulsifier for Neelam & Heera Asset   Details
Jul 07 : Supply, installation, commissioning and testing of complete unit of DCP Skids   Details
Jul 07 : Civil Works on ARC Basis for City Gas Project in Kanpur and Bareilly   Details
Jul 07 : Rate contract for repair/ overhaul of LT rotating machines for offshore platforms   Details
Jul 07 : Civil works at drill site in Geleky area   Details
Jul 07 : Laying and Construction of Steel Pipeline along with associated facilities for Dhamra-Angul Section of Jagdishpur Haldia-Bokaro-Dhamra Pipeline Project   Details
Jul 07 : Procurement of Transportable/ Portable, Automatic Hydrocarbon Dew Point Meter/ Analyzer   Details
Jul 07 : Supply of Mass Flow Meters for VGO Unit for BS-IV Project   Details
Jul 06 : Procurement of Heat Exchanger tubes for refinery   Details
Jul 06 : Catalyst Offloading and Loading in DHDS Plant   Details
Jul 06 : Implementation of Geographical Information System   Details
Jul 06 : EOI from Safety Service Providers for Solutions to Improvement of Effective Safety culture in ONGC   Details
Jul 06 : Carrying out Civil & Structural Works for GTU Project   Details
Jul 06 : Supply of Valve Check for VGO-HDT Unit of refinery   Details

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