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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Jul 18 : Supply of Personal H2S gas Monitor Personal CO Gas Monitor and Personal Multi-Gas Detector with four sensors   Details
Jul 18 : Consultancy services for preparing and submitting the Feasibility Report and Detailed Project Report   Details
Jul 18 : Decoking of Pipelines by High Pressure Power Lancing Hydro Jetting Machine at refinery   Details
Jul 17 : Providing Civil Works at "NKKDH" Drill Site   Details
Jul 17 : Consultant for the job of Plant Estimation of Once Through Hydrocracker Under Barauni Refinery Expansion Project at Barauni Refinery   Details
Jul 17 : Carrying out Mechanical piping IBR and Non IBR both equipment erection and allied works at refinery   Details
Jul 17 : REIA Study for proposed installation of BS VI Projects at Guwahati Refinery   Details
Jul 17 : Integration of SAP system with level gauges of LPG storage vessels   Details
Jul 14 : Carrying out Third Party Inspection Services for Cryogenic Vessels   Details
Jul 14 : Statutory Testing of Underground LPG Bullets with connected pipelines   Details
Jul 14 : Supply of Required Spares, Erection, Testing, and establishing integration between LPG Storage Vessels   Details
Jul 14 : Sale of Emulsified Crude produced from Sanand East Field of Ahmedabad Block (CB-ONN-2000/1)   Details
Jul 14 : Supply, Commissioning and CMAC of Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer Analyser to refinery   Details
Jul 14 : Supply of On-Off Ball Valves to Panipat Naptha Cracker   Details
Jul 14 : Supply of Tarpaulin for Onshore Blocks in Gujarat   Details
Jul 14 : Carrying out Statutory Inspection, testing of Bullets and Horton spheres at refinery   Details
Jul 13 : Carrying out various Instrumentation Shutdown Jobs on contract basis   Details
Jul 13 : Charter Hire of SRP surface units with allied services for Rajasthan Project   Details
Jul 13 : Procurement of Integral Vaccum Insulated Tubing   Details
Jul 13 : Consultancy Services for conducting Risk Analysis, EIA Study and Obtaining Environmental Clearance for the Proposed Additional Tankage   Details
Jul 13 : Carrying out Statutory Periodic Testing Process for LPG Underground Vessels and Pipelines   Details
Jul 13 : Non Comprehensive AMC and ARC of Cathodic Protection for Steel Pipe Line at Kanpur and Bareilly   Details
Jul 12 : Hiring of Contract Services for Annual Rate Contract for Safety Valve Calibration/ Testing for a contract period of two years   Details
Jul 12 : Hiring of Annual Rate Contract for CIPL/CAT, DCVG, Interference & Soil Resistivity Survey for BNPL and associated Pipeline   Details
Jul 12 : Supply of Spare Flowmeters of Gas Turbines   Details
Jul 12 : Appointment of Consultant for evaluation of contract areas under Discovered Small Fields Bid Round 2016   Details
Jul 12 : Supply of Ethyl Mercaptan to Mumbai Refinery and Uran LPG Plant   Details
Jul 12 : Gas Sale from Kaza Field of Rajahmundry Asset   Details
Jul 12 : Laying of welded flow lines from Pilot Plant to new drilling location in Bikaner-Nagaur basin of OIL's operational areas in Rajasthan   Details
Jul 12 : Charter Hire of one Workover Rig to be used for Workover Jobs in Rajasthan   Details

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