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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Jul 24 : Supply and Installation of sub soil Temperature Transmitters   Details
Jul 24 : EOI for Integrated Development Services for Raageshwari Deep Gas Field within RJ-ON-90/1 Block   Details
Jul 24 : Global Expression Of Interest for Supply of Diesel for Cambay Block, Ravva Oil and Gas Field Block and Rajasthan Block   Details
Jul 21 : Supply of DP Transmitters for Panipat Refinery & Petrochemical Complex   Details
Jul 21 : Procurement of Complete Heat Exchangers   Details
Jul 21 : Procurement of Modified Tube Bundles and Naphtha Stabilizer Condenser   Details
Jul 21 : Providing EPCM Services for utilisation of RLNG in refinery   Details
Jul 21 : Procurement of Valve (Gate/Globe/Check) for refinery   Details
Jul 21 : Carrying out HDPE Piping Works in refinery   Details
Jul 21 : REIA Study from Proposed Neptha Hydro Treatment Unit and Catalytic Reforming Unit Project at refinery   Details
Jul 21 : Expert supervision of Pilot Operated Safety Valve maintenance at refinery   Details
Jul 21 : Procurement of Pressure Vessels for BS VI Project   Details
Jul 20 : Carrying out Hassan Cherlapally LPG Pipeline Project Survey   Details
Jul 20 : Supply of Mono Ethanol Amine to Panipat Naphtha Cracker Unit   Details
Jul 20 : Supply of Complete Rotor Assembly in refinery   Details
Jul 20 : Expression of Interest for various Civil Works in Rajasthan Block   Details
Jul 20 : Calibration services for Gas Detector and Gas Flow Meter   Details
Jul 19 : Supply of Natural Gas/ RLNG for Non-Urea Activity   Details
Jul 19 : Hiring of Third Party Inspection Agency for Inspection of Offshore Rigs   Details
Jul 19 : Supply and Laying of 300 MM ND Gas Pipeline   Details
Jul 19 : Rate Contract for laying and maintenance of Underground Oil and Gas Pipelines in Ankleshwar Asset and Cambay Asset   Details
Jul 19 : Annual Rate Contract for Earthing and Ancillary Jobs for Drill Sites   Details
Jul 19 : 3D Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing in Transition Zone in West of Gandhar Area, Cambay Basin during field seasons   Details
Jul 19 : Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Early Production System at well site of Ankleshwar Block   Details
Jul 19 : Carrying out Comprehensive Risk Analysis study of Gujarat Refinery   Details
Jul 18 : Supply of Pressure Vessels-CS for GTU Project at refinery   Details
Jul 18 : Supply of Column/ Tower Carbon Steel for GTU Project at refinery   Details
Jul 18 : Modification of Pressure Regulating Valves at Dadri-Desu Pipeline   Details
Jul 18 : ARC for handing the Pipeline Emergency and Pipeline Shifting/ Modification Works   Details
Jul 18 : Execution of various miscellaneous Civil Engineering works during rig up, drilling operations   Details

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