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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Jan 15 : Supply of Pressure Control Valves with Electro-Hydraulic Actuator at HMRB Pipelines   Details
Jan 15 : Laying of Cross Country RLNG pipeline from Petronet LNG Terminal Dahej to IOCL Koyali Refinery   Details
Jan 15 : Hiring Inspection Engineer from TPIA for Shutdown at refinery   Details
Jan 15 : Providing Miscellaneous Services at Project Department of Panipat Naphtha Cracker   Details
Jan 15 : Hot and Cold job for Reactor Regenerator of FCCU and Coke Drum of DCU Shutdown at refinery   Details
Jan 12 : Hiring of Services for Handling Chemical/ Sand/ Petty Store Items of WSS, Ahmedabad   Details
Jan 12 : EIA Study for obtaining Environmental Clearance as Development Drilling of Wells and Conversion of Exploration Wells into Development Wells   Details
Jan 12 : Procurement of HSD and Petrol for A&AA Basin   Details
Jan 12 : Supervisory services for testing and commissioning of Gas Turbine Generator   Details
Jan 12 : Corrigendum: Procurement of 12000 mt Butene for LLDPE/ HDPE Unit   Details
Jan 12 : Procurement of Personnel Protective Equipments at Vijaipur   Details
Jan 12 : Production Enhancement Contract of oil and gas from mature fields   Details
Jan 12 : Procurement of 6700 Kg Citric acid, 20000 Kg Biocide and 15600 L Defoamer liquid ecofriendly   Details
Jan 12 : Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Organic Waste Converter on Turnkey Basis   Details
Jan 12 : Laying of Underground PE Pipelines at Sonipat and Meerut   Details
Jan 12 : Implementation of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation   Details
Jan 12 : Procurement of blower and compressor spares of Panipat Naphtha Cracker   Details
Jan 12 : Composite Repair/ Coating Strengthening of various Pipe Lines at refinery   Details
Jan 11 : Procurement of Gas Flow Meters   Details
Jan 11 : Restoration of drill site including approach road to drill site   Details
Jan 11 : Carrying out pipeline modification work for provision of Master MFM at Vadodara   Details
Jan 11 : Annual Rate Contract for providing Foot Patrolling Services at Silvassa Maintenance Base under Hazira Jurisdiction   Details
Jan 11 : Augmentation of Bio-diesel Pipeline and associated Civil Works at Tamil Nadu   Details
Jan 11 : Construction of Ethanol 2 Bay Unloading Gantry at Kochi   Details
Jan 11 : Civil Works for preparation of Sites for Work over operations at different wells at Tripura Asset   Details
Jan 11 : Carrying out Civil Works for MSDF Well Site for Work Over Rig Operations in Krishna Area   Details
Jan 11 : Supply of Lubricity Additive for Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (HSD)   Details
Jan 11 : Operation and Maintenance Contract for Handling of LPG Bulk Loading Terminal and Bottling Plant   Details
Jan 11 : Chemical Handling and miscellaneous Cleaning jobs in PX Plant of refinery   Details
Jan 11 : Agency for Remnant Life Assessment study of Boilers at refinery   Details

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