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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3944
Nov 20 : Purchase of Electro Magnetic Flow Meters   Details
Nov 20 : Provision of concreting below foam pourer lines and below product lines at various locations in refinery   Details
Nov 20 : Procurement of Diaphragm, Butterfly and Ball Type On-Off Valves   Details
Nov 20 : Rate contract for sludge cleaning of storage tanks under M and I at refinery   Details
Nov 20 : Procurement of Spares for O-ring and Valve Leak Detector at LPG Bottling Plant   Details
Nov 20 : Pipeline Installation by HDD Method across yamuna river for Vijaypur-Auraiya Pipeline Project   Details
Nov 20 : Procurement of Turbine Gas Flow Meters   Details
Nov 17 : Supply of Spares for CDSP Coke Cutting System   Details
Nov 17 : Supply of Natural Gas/ RLNG for Non-Urea Activity   Details
Nov 17 : Providing Civil Works at "PUAD" Drill Site in Thanjavur District   Details
Nov 17 : Survey of Haldia-Barauni Pipeline Profile and Soil Cover in West Midnapore district   Details
Nov 17 : ARC for Troubleshooting and repair and maintenance of Reciprocating Compressors installed at refinery   Details
Nov 17 : Annual Rate Contract for Online sealing of steam hydrocarbon acid and other leaks in refinery   Details
Nov 17 : Carrying out Safety Audit at refinery   Details
Nov 16 : AMC for Insitu validation of calibration of Mass Flow Meters   Details
Nov 16 : Installation and Commissioning of PRS System and Installation of Metering Skid in Terminals   Details
Nov 16 : Annual Rate Contract for supply of High Speed Diesel   Details
Nov 16 : Hiring of services for NDT Inspection of Tubulars and Drilling Handling tools   Details
Nov 16 : Supply of Portable Multi Gas Detector with five Sensors at refinery   Details
Nov 16 : Supply of Pressure Vessels for BS VI Project   Details
Nov 16 : Replacement of Economiser module of HRSG #2 and associated jobs at TPS area of refinery   Details
Nov 16 : Annual Maintenance Contract for maintenance of Rotork Make Actuators at refinery   Details
Nov 15 : Construction of Online CNG Station at Meerut and developing CNG facilities at existing retail at Sonepat, Meerut, Dewas and TTZ GA   Details
Nov 15 : Procurement of Nitrogen Buffer Vessel Assembly   Details
Nov 15 : Supply, Installation and Commissioning of PCV and SSV for Cauvery Basin   Details
Nov 15 : Civil works at drill site GKJL & GKJM in Geleky area   Details
Nov 15 : Mechanical Piping and other Miscellaneous jobs for Process Scheme jobs at refinery   Details
Nov 15 : Procurement of NHDT Catalyst at refinery   Details
Nov 15 : Reconditioning of Gate valves   Details
Nov 15 : Rate Contract for Valve Maintenance at PHBPL   Details

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