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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3944
Aug 26 : Supply of Chemicals for Chemical treatment of tempered water and cooling water for KG-OSN-2001/3 Block [GSPC]   Details
Aug 26 : Procurement of Analyzer System Integration Package for DHDS Unit, Gujarat Refinery [IOC]   Details
Aug 26 : Procurement of transmitters as per technical specification, Digboi Refinery [IOC]   Details
Aug 25 : Hiring of vehicles for pipeline construction activities in Maharashtra and Silvasa Region [GAIL]   Details
Aug 25 : Procurement of Calibration Gases for Gas Chromatographs, Rajasthan [GAIL]   Details
Aug 25 : Reconditioning of Hydrocom Actuator in HDT Unit, Guwahati Refinery [IOC]   Details
Aug 25 : Procurement of Hydrochloric Acid, Bongaigaon Refinery [IOC]   Details
Aug 25 : EIA & RA study for Extension of Koyali-Ahmednagar Pipeline to Solapur [IOC]   Details
Aug 25 : Supply and Commissioning of Gas Handling System, Pata [GAIL]   Details
Aug 25 : Annual Rate Contract for maintenance of Cathodic Protection System [GAIL Gas Limited]   Details
Aug 25 : Providing Crude pipeline scheduling solution for Crude pipelines [IOC]   Details
Aug 24 : Supply of valves for DHT Project, Mumbai Refinery [BPCL]   Details
Aug 24 : Expression of Interest for Monetization of onland stranded gas assets in India [BPCL]   Details
Aug 24 : Procurement of Caustic Soda Lye, Bongaigaon Refinery [IOC]   Details
Aug 24 : Supply of Remote Seal Level Transmitters, Bongaigaon Refinery [IOC]   Details
Aug 24 : Consultancy Services for DFR Preparation and EPCM Services for setting up of Catalyst Plant, Panipat Refinery [IOC]   Details
Aug 24 : Providing of testing facility pipeline for wells inside KJ#3 well site existing manifold at Ramnad GCS area [ONGC]   Details
Aug 24 : Installation of new Casings over 16 inch main pipeline, Jorhat [OIL]   Details
Aug 23 : Carrying out Station works for replacement of pipelines in Gujarat Region [GAIL]   Details
Aug 23 : Procurement of LPG pumps for capacity augmentation of Jamnagar-Loni Pipeline Project [GAIL]   Details
Aug 23 : Carrying out 2D Seismic Data Acquisition of 870 LKM covering parts of Manipur and 875 LKM covering parts of North Cachar Hills [OIL]   Details
Aug 23 : Carrying out Pipeline RoW exposure Repair works at different locations, Assam [OIL]   Details
Aug 23 : Providing LFET or EMAT Inspection services for Boiler Tubes [MRPL]   Details
Aug 22 : Civil works at Adavipalem GCS in Island area, Rajahmundry Asset [ONGC]   Details
Aug 22 : Supply and commissioning of Methanizer Gas Chromatograph, Mathura Refinery [IOC]   Details
Aug 22 : Coat & Wrap Refurbishment of Mainline Pipeline with Cold Applied Tape, Howrah [IOC]   Details
Aug 22 : Mitigation of AC Interference on cross country pipelines of SRPL, Chennai [IOC]   Details
Aug 19 : Procurement of Compressors, Gujarat Refinery [IOC]   Details
Aug 19 : Supply and commissioning of Mechanical Flow meter and connected pipe line works [IOC]   Details
Aug 19 : Carrying out 3D Conventional Seismic Data Acquisition in KG-OSN-2009/2 Block, Eastern Offshore [ONGC]   Details

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