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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Sep 06 : Procurement of Reformer Package at Gujarat Refinery for BS-VI Project   Details
Sep 06 : Supply of Gas Turbine Spares, Digboi Refinery   Details
Sep 06 : Transportation of Cryovessel from IOCL, Nasik as per tender   Details
Sep 06 : Carrying out Seismic Survey Operation for acquiring high density 3D seismic data, Assam   Details
Sep 06 : Consultancy services for end to end assessment and implementation of GST for BPCL, its Subsidiaries and JV   Details
Sep 05 : Providing civil works at "TVAW" drill site, Karaikal   Details
Sep 05 : Supply of Steam Naphtha Reforming Catalyst and Associated Services, Gujarat Refinery   Details
Sep 05 : Rate contract for miscellaneous piping jobs and other allied maintenance jobs, Haldia Refinery   Details
Sep 05 : Installation of pipeline across sukri river by Horizontal Directional Drilling technique [IOC]   Details
Sep 05 : Hiring of Consultancy Service for study of Production Sustainability & Flow Assurance of Chabua Oilfield, Assam   Details
Sep 05 : Construction of various drilling locations and other major works in Jaisalmer district   Details
Sep 02 : Mechanical Engineering Services for Piping Analysis and Equipment Design, Digboi Refinery   Details
Sep 02 : Procurement of Helium Gas for Dibiyapur Region   Details
Sep 02 : AC Interference Survey for GAIL KG Basin Pipeline Network, Andhra Pradesh   Details
Sep 02 : Procurement of Complete Heat Exchanger for C2/C3 Reboiler Installed in LPG unit, Pata   Details
Sep 02 : Calibration of Pressure Gauges and Temperature Gauges, Guwahati Refinery   Details
Sep 02 : Supply and installation of injection gas flow measurement system, Mehsana Asset   Details
Sep 01 : Combined Environment Impact Assessment and Individual Rapid Risk Assessment study for BS-VI Fuel Quality Up gradation Project, Panipat Refinery   Details
Sep 01 : Spares for Gas Chromatography Analyzer, Bongaigaon Refinery   Details
Sep 01 : Procurement of Industrial Gases on Rate Contract Basis, Dahej   Details
Sep 01 : Hiring of Transportation Services of Drilling Rigs from Rajasthan to Madhya Pradesh   Details
Sep 01 : Annual Rate contract for laying and maintenance of pipe lines for a period of three years, Assam   Details
Sep 01 : Hiring of services for O&M Services for E-760-XI Rig for a period of two years, Mehsana Asset   Details
Sep 01 : Hiring of services for Project Management Consultant for complete management of Pipeline Rehabilitation Project, Assam   Details
Sep 01 : Carrying out Bell hole survey in Mainline of SMPLDBL Project pipeline, Rajasthan   Details
Aug 31 : Annual Rate Contract for various Instrumentation jobs, Haldia Refinery [IOC]   Details
Aug 31 : High resolution Intelligent Pig Survey and mapping of various pipeline sections [IOC]   Details
Aug 31 : Carrying out civil works at drill site CHAQ in RDS area [ONGC]   Details
Aug 31 : Purchase of Pressure Transmitters & Differential Pressure Transmitters [GAIL]   Details
Aug 31 : Carrying out Intelligent Pigging of Tatipaka-Chichinada Pipeline, Rajahmundry [GAIL]   Details

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