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TENDERS Total number of tenders : 3957
Dec 20 : Supply and Commissioning of Mechanical Piping and associated and other civil works at South Oil Jetty area and at LPG Terminal of Paradip   Details
Dec 20 : Provision of Supply and Commissioning of Pressure Transmitter at Paradeep Terminal   Details
Dec 20 : Conducting CAT, DCVG and CIPS survey of mainline of Barauni-Kanpur Pipeline   Details
Dec 20 : Replacement of Pipeline Worka at RCD Rampurhat   Details
Dec 19 : Hiring of Services of Pitless Drilling System   Details
Dec 19 : Procurement of Carboxy Methyl Hydroxy propyl Guar and other items   Details
Dec 19 : Carrying out Foundation and other Civil Works for Rigs   Details
Dec 19 : Supply of Gate Valves under Rate Contract   Details
Dec 19 : Supply of Coating Materials for Pipeline Rehabilitation Project   Details
Dec 19 : Maintenance and Inspection of Crude Oil Storage Tanks   Details
Dec 19 : Installation of pipeline across major river crossings of product pipeline from Dumad station to Akolner station by HDD technique and associated works   Details
Dec 19 : Carrying out Civil and UG Piping Works in refinery   Details
Dec 19 : Supply of Urea in refinery   Details
Dec 18 : Providing vermiculite Based Fire Proofing of Structural Steel Supports, Vessel, Equipment, Pipe Lines at MRPL Plant   Details
Dec 18 : Hiring of Services of Mobile Steam Generator Unit for Rajasthan Field   Details
Dec 18 : Storage and Supply of Bulk Bitumen of around 25000 mt at East Coast of India and 5000 MT at West Coast   Details
Dec 18 : Execution of various miscellaneous Civil Engineering works related to Production testing related works   Details
Dec 18 : Expert Services for Coke Cutting system package at refinery   Details
Dec 18 : Carrying out Civil and UG Piping Works at different units of refinery   Details
Dec 18 : Supply of Turbine Gas Flow Meters for gas company   Details
Dec 18 : Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Ultrasonic Flow Meters at refinery   Details
Dec 18 : Service Assistance required during commissioning of Golai Terminal Project of refinery   Details
Dec 15 : Supply of H2S Gas Detectors   Details
Dec 15 : Hiring of Services for Integrated HAZOP Study of Plant Complex at Vijaipur   Details
Dec 15 : Annual Civil Maintenance Contract of RT, Pipeline And SVs Under GAIL, RT Cherlapally Jurisdiction   Details
Dec 15 : Carrying out External Safety Audit of Pipeline Installations of GAIL for Southern Region   Details
Dec 15 : Annual Rate Contract for Handling Pipeline Emergency works   Details
Dec 15 : Hiring Services for Calibration of PSVs of GAIL, Agra, Malanpur and Kailaras   Details
Dec 15 : Supply of Online Dew Point Analyser for refinery   Details
Dec 15 : Repair and refurbishment of Frame Gas Turbine Rotor in refinery   Details

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