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Buyers are complaining that hike was unjustified 15 September 2016 (10:25 AM)

Did the PNGRB buckle under pressure from pipeline companies to change the goal post so that pipeline tariffs can be raised? 
Many buyers of gas are now saying that the new proposal introduced by the regulator in January, 2016 devolves an undue advantage to the pipeline operator at the cost of the buyer. 
The PNGRB has proposed an amendment to calculate the volume of natural gas using actual volumes or by multiplication of applicable percentage utilisation with 75% pipeline capacity utilisation against existing 100% utilisation assumption. 
Meanwhile, the anticipated tariff increase has been lauded by stock market punters. Share prices of pipeline companies are on the upswing as a consequence.
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Rakesh Sinha
15 September 2016 (10:26 AM)
It is not correct for the PNGRB to come under pressure and change the goal post
Umesh Anand
15 September 2016 (01:10 PM)
We read somewhere that the tariff revisions are known in the stock market before they are announced so that some insiders can make money. It is a sorry state of affairs indeed.
H.P. SIngh
15 September 2016 (07:11 PM)
The point of view of the pipeline companies must also be looked into. Most of the pipelines are running at low capacity and if 100% capacity is taken, then the tariff rate will be unduly low. And companies will not be able to elicit a reasonable rate of return.
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