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Use of methanol in India-I: New uses are relevant for us
Mar 30:   India has not looked at methanol as an option to cater to some of its energy needs whereas China has made big strides in this direction.
8New uses for methanol -- such as methanol to olefins (MTO), bio-diesel, fuel blending, DME (as replacement for LPG) and as a marine fuel -- now account for 45% of total methanol consumption worldwide as against its traditional uses, which were to make acetic acid, formaldehyde, silicone and methyl methacrylate.
8Demand for methanol is now expected to outpace supply, with the biggest surge in demand expected out of China in the MTO segment.
8Methanol is primarily made from natural gas though a bio mass route is also a viable option. Low price of gas in relation to crude creates an incentive to make methanol. Energy applications emerged post 2008 when the ratio of oil $/bbl and natural gas $/mmbtu prices exceeded 15:1 (current ratio is 22:1).
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