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Rs 450 crore onland drilling programme-I: RFQs in March, 2017
Dec 23:   Environment clearance is expected around April, 2017 for a 22 well onland drilling programme
8The total cost is pegged at Rs 450 crore
8Normally soil testing is done before the deployment of rigs but in this particular region, it is not essential for shallow/temporary foundation needed for deployment of rig.
8The proposed depth of the well is around 3000-4000 m.
8The exploration wells will be drilled using a standard land rig or a “Mobile Land Rig.
8The RFQ’s for the rigs including associated equipment are expected to be floated in March  2017.
8Drilling is expected to start 2 months after environment clearance, from June 2017.
8The approach roads and the other attendant infrastructure will have to be laid for which the requirements will be released soon
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