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Revised emission norms for power plants-III: Detailed tariff matrix
Nov 30:   For reference purposes the website carries here a comparative cost of generation matrix based on different fuel mix
Click on Reports for cost of generation data generated in terms of:
8Competitively bid solar PV tariff (YTD 2016, CY 2015, CT 2014)
8Average wind tariff
8RLNG at delivered cost of $ 10/mmbtu
8Domestic gas at the prevailing price of $ 3.8/mmbtu
8Short term bilateral tariff in FY 2016
8Competitive tariff (Case-1 bids)
8100% imported coal for coastal thermal power projects
880% domestic coal at current linkage price + Imported coal (20%)
8100% domestic coal at linkage price
These tariff rates have implications for the gas supplier as a competitive matrix of prices allows him to understand where he placed.
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