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Refinery upgradation cum expansion: RFQs coming up
Dec 23:   The Project Feasibility Report for a BS-IV upgradation of an existing refinery is "almost ready".
8The environment clearance is expected in November, 2017 after which work on the ground can start
8The following equipment requirement is to come up: reactors, regenarators, fractionators, settlers, condensors, reflux drums, air fin cooler tubes, pumps, plates, heaters, nozzles, vessels, columns cyclones, air blowers, wet gas compressors, relief vavles, boilers, electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers, bellows, heat exchangers, valves, pumps & compressors, storage tanks, among others
8A 5 MMTPA refinery expansion is in the offing too but the Project Feasibility Report is not ready yet
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