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Production Data - II: Is RIL's D-6 crude output in permanent decline?
Feb 23:   Crude oil production by OIL during January, 2017 was 0.274 MMT which is 14.83% lower than monthly target but 5.26% higher than production in January, 2016. 
8Shortfall in production was mainly due to less than planned contribution from high producing areas like Greater Hapjan, Greater Chandmari fields & Naharkatiya fields on account of rise in water cut and less than envisaged contribution from newly drilled wells.
Crude oil production by Pvt/JVs during January, 2017 was 0.885 MMT which is 3.42% lower than the monthly target and 6.33% lower than January, 2016.
8Reasons for shortfall in production are as under:
-- RJ-ON-90/1: Liquid cut back in Mangala wells, Few high water cut wells closed at Mangala, poor reservoir performance of Bhagyam.
-- Natural Decline in Ravva & CB-OS/2.
-- Closure of 1 well in MA field in KG-DWN-98/3. The crude field is now facing sand ingress and high water cut problems and the shutting down of a well is an indicator of poor reservoir perforamnce
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