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Mundra-Mithi LPG pipeline: Is the pipeline capacity overstated?
Feb 28:   Potential  bidders have expressed their skepticism on whether the PNGRB proposed Mundra - Mithi Rohar pipeline will suffer from gross under utilization of its stated transportation capacity of 1.5 MMTPA
8The PNGRB has admitted that it has picked on an arbitrary capacity booking figure in the absence of adequate inputs during its public hearing
8The regulator has also made it clear that it cannot help in the plea by some of the potential bidders for details on either capacity expansion by Adani at Mundra or access to that capacity. Nor will it help in the capacity booking in the Jamnagar-Loni pipeline (JLPL) or linking up the line to the Kandla Gorakpur pipeline
8If the Adani terminal is the only way to input the product into the pipeline, the bidders feel that the pipeline capacity is overstated by the PNGRB
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