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LNG markets are at the crossroads-VI: It will be a long time before OVL-OIL elicits a positive IRR from Mozambique
Mar 14:   While ENI has sold its stake to Exxon Mobil, OVL and OIL have no other option but to wait out the under valuation.
8A year ago, the suggestion was that the the Mozambique project is unlikely to go on stream before 2025 when demand for LNG picks up but the current demand-supply projections are more bullish, with the balance turning after 2020 instead of 2025.
8The fact that Exxon Mobil has shown interest in an adjacent project is indicative of this trend.
8The problem however with OIL and OVL is that they paid a $ 5 billion premium for the stake and then they have to shell out their share of the the $ 20 billion development cost of the massive project in which Anadarko Petroleum is the operator.
8It will be a long time, if at all, before the two Indian companies can ever turn out a positive IRR on the project.
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