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Development drilling-II: RFQs for EPS, tank farm and CPF by July, 2017
Dec 05:   Along with the big development drilling programme, there will be a requirement for Early Production Systems, Central Tank Farm and a Central Processing Facility
8RFQs are expected around July, 2017
Among the equipment required will be:
8Oil Tanks 
8Pipe Racks
8Pig Launcher/Pig Receiver
8Chemical Injection System.
8Tank Breather valves/vent valves
8Air Dryer Unit
8Blast Resistant Doors
8Fireproofing Material
8Insulation (Hot and Cold) for Equipment/Piping etc.
8Lighting and Electrification of Roads, Plants and Building Including Cables, Masts, Electrical fittings, & Accessories, Fire Protection Work including Material etc.
8Reservoir Monitoring system
8Cathodic Protection System
8Casing Head, Tubing Head and valves & spares
8Water Storage Tank
8Hydraulic Pump
8Perforated Pipe
8Waste Removal
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