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Development drilling-I: RFQs for gas gathering stations in March, 2017
Dec 05:   There is a business development opportunity coming up for a Gas Gathering Station for a large development drilling operation
8The cost is pegged at Rs 100-120 crore
8The capital approval for the project will be finalized around March 2017.
8RFQs are to be floated around July, 2017
Following equipment requirements will come up as a result:
8GRE pipes & fittings
8Electronic Memory Gauges
8Acoustic Fluid Level measuring Instrument.
8Supply of all kind of Control Valves(PCV/PRV/Solenoid/Severe Control/Dump/HIPPS)
8Compressors and Boosters and allied equipment like heat exchanger, inter coolers, etc
8CNG Compressor & Booster
8Line pipes coating/ wrapping material
8Equipment for Gas based facilities including Power Generation equipment-DG set/Gas Genset/Turbines, boilers, HRSG, cooling towers, DM unit
8Supply of Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Level Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, Level Transmitters
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